Our homemade "Ponyhof-Obstler"

(alcoholic drink made out of fruits with about 40 vol.-% alcohol) 

Already in the ancient age alcohol was distilled to produce medicine. The art of distillation has been brought to Europe by the Moors, where monks established it. Its origins are legendary, even mystic.

Distillation of Obstler

The most important ingredients of our Obstler are our fruits: apples, plums and cherries. Our wholefood fruits are chopped into pieces and stored for two months into airtight barrels. At the end of this fermentation process the mash consists mainly out of water and squeezed fruits. Now it has already about 3 to 8 vol.-% alcohol.

During the distillation the different boiling points of water (100 °C) and alcohol (78 °C) play important roles. While heating the mash the aromatic alcohol is gathered and other components of minor value are left behind.

The evaporated alcohol and aromas are led to a cattle made out of copper, passing the so called "Geistrohr" which leads to the cooler. At this place the steam of alcohol is mixed with cool water and the mash becomes "Rauhbrand" (25-35 vol.-%).

After this first distillation process a second one has to filter the early evaporating, unwanted substances out of the "Rauhbrand" to produce a "Feinbrand" of high quality.

During this second distillation the "Mittelbrand" with about 70-80 vol.-% is produced. The level of alcohol drops during this process slowly. The "Mittelbrand" becomes "Feinbrand" at 45 vol.-%, which is indicated with the help of an instrument called "Aräometer".

To generate "Feinbrand" it is necessary to add our spring water. This step is a difficult procedure because the Obstler must have the right amount of aromas – too much water would ruin the taste.

Adding spring water leads to tiny oil drops which make the spirit look milky. It does not influence the quality but because "Obstler" is a transparent drink, it has to be filtered before it can be filled into the final bottles.