Countryside trips in our region

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Enter the world of the national park "Hohe Tauern" with its fascinating mountain regions.

Kneippanlage in Bad Fusch (facility for kneippism in Bad Fusch)
The kneippism facility in the chestnut park of Bad Fusch was build in 2010. It has different basins for kneippism, a waterfall, a 'kneipp-labyrinth' and a look-out with a 'relax-swing'. From this place you have a gorgeous view into the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. Indulge oneself in having a snack or coffee and cake and enjoy the time to the full.

Nationalparkwelten in Mittersill (Worlds of the National Park "Hohe Tauern" in Mittersill)
The audience of the "Nationalparkwelten" can experience science and nature with all their senses. The "Nationalparkwelten" want to inform the visitors in an exciting, adventuresome, and entertaining way. That’s why a unique "High Definition 3D/4D Cinema" has been installed. The formation of the Alps is presented to the audience in a movie with high-resolution and stereoscopic pictures. 250 million years of geology can be watched with the help of fast motion in only 15 minutes. Animations and 3D flight sequences make this movie to a special experience for the viewers.

Sigmund Thun Klamm (flume "Sigmund Thun")
Siegmund Thun (1895) described the valley of Kaprun as a place where the water is mighty and roaring: "Tosend und mächtig eilen uns die Fluthen entgegen." 14.000 years ago, during the ice age, the valley of Kaprun was covered with a mighty glacier. It formed the valley of Kaprun. Since it has been melted, the river "Kapruner Ache" flows through the valley. The passage of the river which flows through the flume of Siegmund Thun is 320 metres long and can be up to 32 metres deep. Even until today the "Kapruner Ache" is still forming the structure of the rocks.

The near to nature loop road starts at the head of the valley Saalbach-Hinterglemm nearby the parking area. The way is about 2 km long and goes through alps, meadows and forest.

Pinzgauer Lokalbahn (railway Pinzgau)
The one hundred years old narrow-gauge railway drives from "Zell am See" to "Krimml" (53 km). The train passes for example the "Salzachtal" (valley Salzach) and the peaks of the "Hohen Tauern" and of the "Grasberge".

Großglockner high alpine road
The Großglockner high alpine road is one of the most visited sights and an absolute must for travellers in Austria. This alpine road is surrounded by 30 mountains with a height of 3000 m and gives you a feeling of freedom. Information points along the road provide you with interesting details about construction work in the high alpine environment but also about the flora and fauna of this region.

Mühlauersäge in Fusch (saw mill museum in Fusch)
Experience the forest with its recreation and protection function, and its meaning for the economy. Find out how trees are growing and working, learn something about the history and development of the forest operation and the technology of saw mills. Other topics that are presented in the "Mühlauersäge" are the following ones: the beauty of wood itself, its grain, colour, and fragrance; the history of this handicraft until today and even more…

Museum Bramberg
The exhibition shows historical artifacts of the farming community as well as everyday life as the 'Wilhelmgut' itself is an old farmhouse that allows an insight intro traditional life in the Hohe Tauern.

Liechtensteinklamm (flume "Liechtenstein")
The "Liechtensteinklamm" is situated in the heart of the "Salzburger Land". It is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the deepest and longest flumes in the Alps.

Salzwelten, Salzburg/Bad Dürrnberg (salt-mine)
Discover the roots of the city Salzburg in the „Salzwelten, Salzburg/Bad Dürrnberg". Two of the many attractions are the ride with the mining tram and the glissades on the slides. A guide leads you through narrow galleries and wide halls, passing glittering rock faces, until you reach the underground salt lake. This lake is already situated on the German territory. You will cross the salt lake by float while a light and sound show is presented to you. On the other waterside you are back in Austria. The guide will tell you about the Celts who were the first residents of the Dürrnberg. After approximately one hour the mining tram takes you back to the daylight.

Alpine rollercoaster Maisiflitzer
"Everyone buckle up!" – the last words you hear before the traffic light turns green.  Running on tracks, these two-seaters race towards the valley below at speeds as high as 40 km/h. For added excitement the track features built-in waves, jumps and five loops. At its highest point, the track even takes you 11 meters above the ground. The Maisiflizter is open daily.

Wildlife Park "Ferleiten"
The wildlife and leisure park is a paradise for children. In this natural park it is possible to watch many, seldom animals from our region. While you are having a snack and enjoying the fresh and pure air your children can play in the park: well-being and great experiences for the whole family.

Tauernkraftwerk Kaprun (water supply dam of Kaprun)
At the "Mooserboden" you can enjoy the beautiful view over the glaciers of the "Kapruner Tal" (valley of Kaprun). A walk across the dam leads you to the visitor centre "Erlebniswelt Strom und Eis" (world of experiences: electricity and ice). You can also take part in a guided tour.

Krimmler Wasserfälle (waterfalls)
The "Krimmler Wasserfälle" are the highest in Europe (380m) and an international natural monument. You can walk around the waterfalls so that you can hear the rush of the water. It is a great experience to get so close to the huge body of water that you won’t forget. The "water world" of Krimml offers a fascinating journey through the water world: you find the entrance of this theme park right next to the entrance of the "Krimmler Wasserfälle" in Pinzgau. It is an exciting experience for the whole family.

Kitzlochklamm (flume "Kitzloch")
The "Rauriser Ache" flows through the "Kitzlochklamm" in a terrific way. The flume "Kitzloch" was formed during millennia and can today be visited with the help of tracks and tunnels. The tunnels have been built already in the 16. Century and lead to a kind of fairy-tale world: mossy stones, idyllic bays, and sunrays dancing on the spray of the river.

Eisriesenwelt (ice world)
A visit to the "Eisriesenwelt" is especially beautiful on sunny and warm days because the change between light and darkness is even more impressing then. Also the panoramic view over the "Salzachtal" (valley Salzach) is a wonderful experience.

Sommerrodelbahn Saalfelden (luge Saalfelden)
The luge "Rolba Run" is 1.600 metres long, has 63 exciting curves and leads through the beautiful countryside of the Biberg. It is a great activity for the summer months. The luge can be used by everyone who is older than 5 years. Children at the age of 6 need a person who slides down the hill with them. The "Rolba Run" is easy to use with the shift knob which controls the speed. A chair lift takes you to the top and offers you a great view over the "Steinernes Meer" (rocks) and the "Salzachtal" (valley Salzach).

Fahrzeugmuseum Kaprun (museum of motor vehicles)
Cars, motorbikes, scooters, mopeds and the former alpine railway are the objects that are presented in the "Fahrzeugmuseum Kaprun". The museum has motor vehicles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Maybe your first car or the one of your grandfather is presented here, too.