Spring water from the Holiday Village Ponyhof

Pure drinking water is one of the most valuable goods of mankind. Humans not only consist mainly of water but it is also the most important food for us. Therefore, water is a treasure of nature. Pure water is also irreplaceable for eco-farming.

The Holiday Village Ponyhof has sources of high quality and productiveness on its alp. Therefore, it is possible to do eco-farming and to supply the whole Holiday Village with fresh spring water.

The quality of the spring water is controlled once a year from an independent institute to secure that it definitely does not contain any harmful substances.

You can read the recent re­port here (in German).

Tapping of our spring

To get the spring water from the source to our taps a lot of work had to be done. We would like to show you some pictures of the work in progress.

The source is on our alp at 1100 meters above sea level. With the help of a digger the source has been placed deep inside the mountain to avoid impurities caused by water from the surface.

Directly in front of the opening of the source a tube with holes has been placed. This tube lies in a basin made of clay to collect the water. The basin consists of clay because this material is flexible. It does not break when the soil that surrounds it is moving. This construction has to be gritted because the grit filters the water. To save the source from impurities a layer of concrete has been put on top. After this construction work the hole caused by the digger has been filled with soil again.

The water of our source does not run directly into our water pipes. We gather it in a standpipe made out of stainless steel (Nirosta). The standpipe finally is connected with our water pipes. It also has an overfall with a flap gate.

The water flows from the standpipe through the water pipes (which are 500 meters long) into our reservoir - also made out of stainless steel (Nirosta). It has been build right into the mountain to protect it against variations in temperature. Only the entrance can be seen from outside.

Another water pipe leads the water from the reservoir directly to every tap of our Holiday Village.