Our sustainable usage of energy

The sustainable usage of energy is sure consequent and logical. We offer our guests products of our own agriculture. We use the excellent water from the spring at our own property and we cultivate and take care of our mountain pasture in order that the especially valuable habitat of plants and animals will not be irrecoverably lost.

In the year 2013 we changed the generation of energy for heating and warm water from fossil fuels to alternative energies (wood chips). We have had a fuel oil consumption of 65.000 liters per annum and up now we reduce the impact on the environment by 255.000 kg CO2 emission.

Wood chips are shredded wooden parts which are produced amongst others by the forestry. Wood chips are made out of matured forest and wood waste with special machines.

With the wood chips stove we salvage preferentially wood waste of our own forest which accumulates by the active forest management. If we have to buy wood chips in addition we buy it in our region without long traffic routes.


Award from the ministry for a livable Austria

The construction of the heating station

We entrust Ing. Günther List from the Fa. biomass consulting with the planning, calculation and the implementation of the heating station Holiday Village Ponyhof. Besides the actual building activities 220 m well isolated hot water pipes are layed in the ground to the different buildings. The controlling and the monitoring of the facility takes place over the local intranet.