Fishing Paradise "Fuscher Ache" next to the Holiday Village Ponyhof

The watercourse "Fuscher Ache" has its source in the national park “Hohe Tauern” at the base of the Großglockner Mountain. The young mountain stream with a length of 35 km has the highest possible water quality and is therefore called “Perle der Hohen Tauern” (pearl of the Hohen Tauern).

The former private property is now – after 50 years – open for the public. Thus, our guests have the opportunity to go fishing in this special area.

The "Urtümliche Forelle" (a trout species) lives in this watercourse which proves the high quality for fishing. The fishing passage begins with the confluence into the"Salzach" and ends in the "Ferleitental/Käfertal" which is a high valley in the Großglockner Mountain surrounded by some crests of 3000m height. This part is reserved only for fly-fishing. The whole watercourse is reserved for fly-fishing. Therefore, the lures which are allowed here are the following ones: dry-flies, wet-flies, nymphs and streamers.

The "Fuscher Ache" flows through the flume and the Villages Fusch and Bruck until it open outs in the Salzach (a combined carte for the Fuscher Ache, the Salzach and the surrounding waters is possible). Only in this part of the passage it is allowed to take out three trouts per day.

With a 7-day-ticket fishermen can also go fishing without extra charge in most of the waters of "Bräurup". Fly-fishing is also possible in the "Zellersee" which is close by as well.

It is possible to buy day-tickets or seven-day-tickets at the Holiday Village Ponyhof.


Adrian Bontza is an enthusiastic fly fisherman and the author of the article

'An angler's paradise at the foot of the Großglockner'.

The Holiday Village Ponyhof would like to thank you very much for your impressive contribution.

An angler's paradise at the foot of the Großglockner

Many people know the Grossglockner Road and its 3000-metre mountain range; apparently only a few people know that there is also a fly-fishing water of the finest quality. It is the Fuscher Ache with its dreamlike Käfertal. From the toll station Ferleiten, turn right over a bridge into the valley: walk for about 5 km. With every step you get closer and closer to the Grossglockner chain, until at some point you come across the source of the Fuscher Ache. This experience cannot be described, you simply have to experience it.
How did I find here? It all began years ago at the Salzburg Hohe Jagd und Fischerei Messe. In the fishing area I was approached by a gentleman who was advertising for the region Zellersee and the then founded fishing association Fuscher Ache. It was a pleasure to listen to him as if he had done nothing else all his life. I came to the fair again and again, time permitting. After a few years something like a friendship with the Lord had developed. Whenever I came, I could see a smile and joy in him. And again and again the question: "When will you visit me? You should fish there!"
I was surprised and amazed when I later met the nice gentleman at an in-house exhibition of a fly fishing store near Munich. And again the question came up: "When are you coming to fish at the Fuscher Ache?" So I decided to spend a long weekend at the Fuscher Ache. On the day of arrival, in the afternoon I caught a really handsome trout. So it can go on like this, I thought to myself. It was Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately Peter was not very merciful with me and the other fly fishers present. In the night to Friday it started to rain and it went on like this until the weekend. Unfortunately it went stupid! Nevertheless I found it very nice there.


Time was not long in coming and I met the nice man at the EWF in Fürstenfeldbruck - one of the best addresses in the fly fishing world. His canvassing for customers for the fishing waters, where he was chairman, continued. "He does not visit me, he does not visit me" I always had to listen to. So I decided to surprise him. It was September 2014 when we, me and my wife, were on vacation for a week. After a short consideration we decided to stay at the Hotel Feriendorf Ponyhof, with family Hollaus. In any case, my surprise went wrong. After we moved into the room, I asked Rudi, the master of the house, and Theresa, the older daughter who is responsible for the hotel management, if they had seen Hubert. The answer was negative. I was a bit sad. Rudi came to my aid and told me: "We'll find out where the good Hubert is hanging around. A phone call and after some ringing I got to hear Hubert's voice. He was unfortunately very far away; in Sweden at the fly-fishing. His return day was just one day after the end of our vacation. Even though I didn't meet him, we still had a great vacation with everything you could wish for. We decided to come back.
The EWF reopened its doors in 2015 and Hubert with Margot, his wife, and Werner Leonhardsberger, the manager of the Fusche Ache, were also there. I did not know Werner until then. A friendship also developed with him. It was a beautiful fair as always. Two weeks on the pony farm would be great, I thought to myself. And so my wife and I planned a vacation in Fusch this time.
It turned out that our final decision was right. Fishing without the need of a car - the river Ache passes only a few meters from the hotel, so it's a five minute walk - hiking, fly-tying evenings at the Ponyhof, which I organized at the request of the club, participation in the fish stocking and much more. Rudi, the master of the house, I could also win over for fly fishing. He was never averse to fly fishing but he usually lacked the time. And so I had experienced unforgettable moments with him. We used his scarce free time to talk about fly fishing and to practice casting. Believe me, it is never boring on the pony farm.

We have found our summer residence here for several years. We have managed to go there several times a year. And that means something. Dear fly fishermen, I can only recommend the Fuscher Ache to you.
There was something else:
The Käfertal and the Ache, which is almost 30 km long and always a challenge for every experienced or less experienced fly fisherman. Without discouraging anyone, the Käfertal stretch has already demanded everything from fly-fishers with many years of experience to hold the "spotted one" in their hands. And the bait? No magic: the original flies are buzzing around everywhere. I recommend tying them only in dry form as beetles or wet flies.
One more thing for those who are looking for a challenge:
Go to Sulzbachtal! That's all I will say. Should you have any questions or need a tip, the nice Werner can always support you. He is an expert on the region. Should you meet me, which is not impossible, I can also help you. I hope that I have aroused your curiosity and that you will include the Fuscher Ache as a fishing destination in your vacation program. And don't forget the pony farm!
For those who are planning a family vacation including fly fishing, the hotel is just the right place. On this website of the hotel you will find a lot of information about the different activities, including the purchase of day tickets and package deals. The EWF, where the fishing club Fuscher Ache has a stand, offers an excellent opportunity to learn about fly fishing on the Fuscher Ache. And at the EWF you can also meet me.

So see you!

Adrian Bontza
Fly fisherman from Karlsfeld/Bavaria