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Massages at the Holiday Village Ponyhof

Spoil yourself and do symething well for your body and spirit.

Classical Massages

This massage technique releases tensions of the muscles, promotes better blood circulation, boosts the metabolism and supports stress relief for your body and soul.

  • Backrub Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Legs & Back Massage
  • Fegs Massage
  • Children’s Massage

Special treatment

  • Relaxation Massage

This massage will be arranged with warm oil. Legs, the back and the hands are massaged. It will be relaxation pure for the body and the spirit.

  • Massage Mixture

Indulge yourself with a mixture of two popular massages. The combination of reflexology and backrub allows you to spend some moments of intensive relaxation.

  • Foot Reflexology

The reflexology influences the apparatus, the joints and the muscles. With a special technique it is possible to stimulate the organism so that it regulates hyper - or hypo functions of special organs itself. This massage is very efficient and offers an optimum of relaxation.

  • Segment Massage

The reflect segment massage is a technique that refers to the back. It is practised without oil only with special movements of the hand. The aim is to achieve a self-regulation of the organism and a relaxing effect on the muscles, joints and nerves.

  • Acupuncture Massage

Balance the energy of your body with the help of this special massage. Body parts with a low energy level receive more energy.
Feel the difference!

  • Acupuncture Massage of the Ear

With the help of this massage aching blockades of joints and vertebras can be released. It also influences the function of the viscera and relieves mental problems.

  • Acupping glass massage

With the upping therapy the blood circulation will be aided. Pain will be deflected and hardenings will be dissolved.


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