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Art of stainless steel - The water wheel

All times humans have been fascinated by flowing water. It represents life, sensualism, silent and still troubled, power and strength - but also force and catastrophe.

The stainless steel designer and artist Klaus Dammermann from Marl in Germany has chosen - amongst others - the theme 'Water'.


Now he has created a water wheel for the Holiday Village Ponyhof and it manufactured with craftsmanship perfectly. 

Mr. Dammermann himself installed the water wheel in the water course at the Ponyhof. At the front side is the logo of the Holiday Village Ponyhof and at the back side the emblem of Fusch.

In connection with the modification of the main building 2010/2011 the farmyard and with it the rivulet have to be redesigned. Thereby we considered the integration of the water wheel harmonically.


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