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Our Mountain Pasture – the "Hinterjudendorfalm"

At the end of our alpine meadow lies the "Hinterjudendorfalm" at a height of 1400 m above sea level. It measures about 70 hectares. During summer our parents farm the alp with about 40 cattles.

Until 1952 milk, butter, and cheese had to be carried down the mountain on a small, steep walkway. Since then the cable car connects the alp with the Holiday Village Ponyhof. Four pillars back the 1500m long cable car which has been constructed for the transport of goods only. A weight of 300 kg can be moved up and down while it is forbidden to transport humans or animals. Even today the fresh milk from our mountain pasture is transported the whole way down to the valley by cable car.

During the summer time our mountain pasture is a favourite destination for hikers and bikers. Our parents Maria and Rudi Hollaus welcome all guests at the “Hinterjudendorfalm” and provide a solid meal for those who are hungry.

By the way:
The name "Judendorf" (Jewish village) has its origin already in the 11th and 12th century. During that time so called "Judendörfer" (Jewish villages) were built along the old and important transportation roads especially along the lateral passes of the Alps. In this period the "Vorder- und Hinterjudendorf" (the front and the rear Jewish village) developed along the important connection between Salzburg, the Friuli in Italy, and Venice. 


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