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Fishing Paradise "Fuscher Ache" next to the Holiday Village Ponyhof

The watercourse "Fuscher Ache" has its source in the national park “Hohe Tauern” at the base of the Großglockner Mountain. The young mountain stream with a length of 35 km has the highest possible water quality and is therefore called “Perle der Hohen Tauern” (pearl of the Hohen Tauern).

The former private property is now – after 50 years – open for the public. Thus, our guests have the opportunity to go fishing in this special area.

The "Urtümliche Forelle" (a trout species) lives in this watercourse which proves the high quality for fishing. The fishing passage begins with the confluence into the"Salzach" and ends in the "Ferleitental/Käfertal" which is a high valley in the Großglockner Mountain surrounded by some crests of 3000m height. This part is reserved only for fly-fishing. The whole watercourse is reserved for fly-fishing. Therefore, the lures which are allowed here are the following ones: dry-flies, wet-flies, nymphs and streamers.

The "Fuscher Ache" flows through the flume and the Villages Fusch and Bruck until it open outs in the Salzach (a combined carte for the Fuscher Ache, the Salzach and the surrounding waters is possible). Only in this part of the passage it is allowed to take out three trouts per day.

With a 7-day-ticket fishermen can also go fishing without extra charge in most of the waters of "Bräurup". Fly-fishing is also possible in the "Zellersee" which is close by as well.

It is possible to buy day-tickets or seven-day-tickets at the Holiday Village Ponyhof.

You can get more information here.

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