The Ponyhof-Game for Android

Have pleasure and fun with our 'Ponyhof-App' for Android devices and train your brain. Besides you will get to know a little bit about the Holiday Village Ponyhof.

Description of the game Ponyhof-Pairs

The Ponyhof-Game is devided into 5 different categories/themes. The intention of the game is to search respectively turn two cards face up which belong together. The game will help you to remember the pictures you have seen by marking already turned cards.

The themes 'Holiday Village Ponyhof', 'Petting-Zoo of Ponyhof' and 'The Ponyhof Mountain Pasture' are different in the motives of the pictures.

A little bit more difficult is the theme 'Find what belongs together'. Here you don't have to find pairs of same pictures but you have to find two pictures which are related to each other like day & night, fire & water, woman & man, ...

The game 'Random-Pairs-Set' generates pairs of pictures from your own images stored on your device. The selection of the pictures happens randomly and you will get different pairs-sets by each new game.

You can activate/deactivate the 'Random-Pairs-Set' in the preferenes section.

Preferences and rights

Under preferences you can fit the settings of the Ponyhof-Game to your individually liking.

The Ponyhof-Game needs following rights:

  • Access to the vibration alarm
  • Access to the SD-card (if available)

No more rights are required. There will be NO access to personal data, the location or the internet.

Installation of the Ponyhof-Game

To install the Ponyhof-Game click on the download button to load the app to your Android device. Then start the installation by clicking on the apk-data file.

If necessary you have to permit the installation of apps from unknown sources (that means any other provider than Google Play Store).


Have fun!